We have two performances per year: one at Christmas and one in the spring.

Christmas Performance

Our Christmas Performance is an informal performance that provides the dancers with a performance opportunity before the Spring Recital. For our youngest dancers, waiting an entire school year before having a performance opportunity feels like a lifetime. Our Christmas Performance provides these dancers with many learning experiences. First, many young dancers do not totally understand the concept of performing on a stage; the Christmas performance clarifies this for them. Secondly, young dancers will occassionally experience stage fright; this performance gives them an opportunity to relieve some of their performance jitters. Finally, the Christmas Performance gives young dancers a sense of accomplishment and gives them a boost of excitement to carry them through the Spring Recital.

For our Christmas Performance, the dancers will rent costumes from the studio. Some dancers will receive full costumes, while others will need to supply parts of their standard classroom attire to complete their costume. To participate in the Christmas Performance, there is a $25 per student recital fee that is used to rent the venue. There is also a $15 per dance, costume rental fee.

Spring Recital

Our spring recital is our formal, end of the school year performance. This is the time for our dancers to shine and show off how much they've learned throughout the year.

For our Spring Recital, the dancers will purchase fancy costumes that they get to keep. To participate in the Spring Recital, there is a $25 per student recital fee that is used to rent the venue. There is also a $60 per dance, costume fee.

Optional Payment Plan

To help families budget for the performances, you may spread the payments out throughout the year. The payment schedule would be $15/month for Sept.–Dec. and then just $15/month for Jan.–Apr.

Opting Out

Being a student at the studio does not require a dancer to participate in either of the performances. You are free to opt out of either or both performances.